About Us - Wask Group

Welcome to Wask Group of Companies.


WASK Group is a fast growing business group that manages a diverse portfolio of businesses primarily in Ghana with a long-term vision of becoming a world-class conglomerate. WASK group of Companies is an umbrella of three different multi-purpose organizations owned and managed by intelligent and ambitious individuals who are committed to building an empire to seek the development and well-being of the general populace in Ghana and Africa at large. WASK Group of Companies was registered with the Registrar General’s Department in 2014 under the Ghana Company’s Act – 1963 (Act197). It is operated as a Private Limited Liability Company within the borders of Ghana, establishing the many linkages by its exuberant, visionary and passion driven owners to ensure results are not just hoped for but are attained.
WASK is a Think-Tank group which is building a strong investment and development networks, both foreign and local of high ranking members of society, ranging from government officials, to local authorities and private individuals who wish to invest in projects that are geared towards Ghana’s economic upliftment. WASK has establish itself as a development promoter and investment engineering partner to government and local communities through (Public Private Partnership), Private businesses, and individuals. WASK seeks to bridge the gap between investors and other developmental stakeholders such as entrepreneurs who lack the financial capacity and the right linkages to make their business dreams a reality. Our aim is to provide the right avenue for the right opportunity of investment at the right time. Being active to our clients’ needs and monitoring the market in order to react to the changes is also our hallmark.


To create sustainable investment avenues through partnerships with foreign and local investors to curb the economic challenges that impedes growth.


To build a global business partner for excellence in development and leadership.