Alive Energy Drink

Several people see it as an Energy Drink, we know it as the only energy drink that brings your mind
and body Alive.
It’s an undeniable fact that, not all energy drinks are created equal. With Alive Energy Drink, we pride
ourselves with and delight in consuming our own brand of product. We believe what is good for our
mind and body is good for our consumers.
This is the confirmation why we as the brand owners carefully select the best ingredients, source clean
water to produce energy drink with 63mg of ginseng.


The Alive Brand Vision:
To be the premier and most preferred energy beverage brand that consumers value, and depend on
as the most dependable partner to bring their mind and body alive to achieve their daily goals and
Alive, to become the mainstream beverage brand competing with values that lift up the healthful and
peaceful mindset and body harmony of the consumer when it comes to beverage. Thereby having


Alive brand in the sub-conscious mind of the consumer
In the last 15 years Ghana had seen the proliferation of locally produced soft beverages, including
bottle water, making between 50% to 75% profit margin at the expense of consumers.
Their target market of which constitute lower class are suffering because of the sub-standard synthetic
ingredient compounds used for their beverage, which makes it difficult for the liver to break it down
absorb by the body.

Most of the executives of these companies do not consume their own product, not even their branded
water, yet sell it to consumers who consumes millions of liters of their production daily.
With our brand being of premium ingredient and high standard production, we capitalize on the above
to build our brand as high quality brand that bring the body and the mind Alive. We do this by
positioning ourselves that prides in our brand and want the best for consumers as we do. This will
reflect in the top executive consuming in public and also our brand ambassadors and endorsers
consuming Alive energy drink with ginseng.