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Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi

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The brain behind Trash Recycling and Management Organisation (TRAMO) & WASK group of companies.
Dr. Williams holds satisfactory certification from the college of health sciences at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. In addition to his credit, he has a Professional Certificate in Strategic Management. He also has a certificate from Charisma University and American International Theology University (AITU) as an active member in recognition of professional standing and demonstrated competence.
Dr. Anarfi has established himself as a business network personality. He is also an Honorary Professor of the Academic Union, Oxford UK, an international academic association of over 200 University Chancellors, Scientists and Researchers. He also holds certificate from the department of international cooperation from the People’s Republic of China for undertaking international Training Workshop on Photovoltaic System and Application with Yingli Solar at Baoding, China. He is also certified by American InterContinental University for pursuing Master Class in Leadership and Management.
As a result of his hard work, he was bestowed the Innovator Award 2013 at KNUST during the Vice chancellor’s award. He also spearheaded the United States Peace Corps Stars Project in Kumasi. He attained an Entrepreneurship award at the IPMATIC African Awards 2014. He was awarded the Best Network Marketer of the year 2018 during the Humanitarian and Business awards, which was held by Gymped.
He was also honoured as The Best Global Business Growth Influencer by the World Changers’ Summit in Dubai in 2018. He received the Best Enterprise Award from the European Business Assembly and was appointed as the EBA Business Ambassador to Ghana and West Africa in Oxford, UK in 2018.
He was on the team that designed the most current 40-year National Development plan for Ghana between 2014 and 2015. As a son of Africa, he has great plans to use his corporate, diplomatic, personal network and influence to bring development to the continent through purposeful engagement to cause progress. He has a singular vision and mandate to put Africa ahead of every and anything.
In 2019, received an honorary
award from Alleem Achievers
Awards as the Brand
Ambassador in Dubai. The
International Corporation of
Social Partnership (Europe
Business Assembly) honoured
him as the partner of Europe
Business Assembly in Oxford
as a representative in Ghana
and West Africa. He also
received an honorary award
from Charisma University and American International Theology University (AITU) as the African Innovative Merit Achiever of the year during the World Changer’s Summit.
Former President of the Republic of Ghana; President John Agyekum Kuffour honored Dr. Anarfi as one of the most enterprising young CEOs in Ghana in 2020, He was also honoured by the Kumasi Leadership and SDG Awards Board for the difference he has made towards the achievement of SDG global vision, in Kumasi.
He delivered a keynote address at the 4th Annual Water & Energy Congress in the UAE. He was referred to as the “The Master Networker” in Africa by the Network Marketing Times endorsed by Eric Worre, the industry giant.
He has singlehandedly empowered and inspired; directly, virtually, and indirectly more than 20,000 young people in Africa.
Dr. Anarfi at the end of August 2021, was inducted into the Corporate Ghana Hall of Fame together with other business Moguls as the youngest. He has a vision to drive investment into Ghana and Africa through his group of companies and synergies.
He has singlehandedly empowered and inspired; directly, virtually, and indirectly more than 20,000 young people in Africa.

Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi is an outstanding Entrepreneur with proven track record of success. He is the Founder and President of WASK Group, one of the most capable and consequently fastest growing consultancy firms in Ghana.
He was also Pioneer leader of Vida Divina
LLC. in Ghana where he helped to improve
the financial and health status of over 6,000
affiliates. With his passion to help the needy
and the youth of Ghana, he carved the
genesis of Vida Divina in Ghana. His positive
attitude and charisma earned him and Vida
Divina the above stated number of affiliates within a year.
He is currently the Leader of Total life changes in Ghana and rejuvenated the re- birth of the business in Ghana. He has a rich and enviable experience in strategic innovation, business strategy and an in-depth expertise in SME advisory service, project financing and development.
He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TRAMO GHANA, which specializes in waste management & Recycling of plastics into roofing tiles and pavement blocks, sale and installation of biogas digesters, waste sensitization training in senior high schools, tertiary institutions as well as Corporate Organisations. He also handled the branch of Circle Link Innovation in Ghana.
Dr. Anarfi is currently the Managing Director for Blueprint Global Consulting Group; a bridge builder with a mission to engage, collaborate, and integrate to advance effective policies, industry, and business opportunities for the Americas (North, South, Central, The Caribbean) and Africa. A trusted intermediary for The Americas (North, South, Central, The Caribbean) and Africa, it fulfills its mission through a variety of services including public affairs, lobbying, international business and trade, advocacy, regulatory and government relations.

Dr. Williams S.K Anarfi


The brain behind Trash Recycling and Management Organisation (TRAMO) &...

Mr. Benjamin Amusah

Position: DIRECTOR
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Benjamin is the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Ceragem Ghana where he serves a population of about 6,500 each month with moxibusion, massage, therometherapy and chiropractic services as a corporate social responsibility. With his hard work, he served for 6 years as a director of music at the centre for national culture in Greater Accra. He is also the C.E.O of Lits bright star enterprises and Giglo solar energy solutions.
Benjamin holds a Bachelor of Science Certificate in public administration and a diploma certificate in music and theatre arts from GIMPA and UEW respectively.

Mr. Benjamin Amusah


Benjamin is the Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O) of Ceragem Ghana...


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Emmanuel K.O Larbi (Hon. Ekol) is a Business, Project and Lifestyle Management Consultant, TV Host, Life Coach and MC. He has over 12 years of experience in Business Promotion, Regulations and Development, Management, Sales and Marketing, Public Relations, Corporate Governance and Operations among other related fields.

Inspired by the speed of technology advancement and the need for a one-stop shop for smart, innovative tech-based gadgets and solutions, he singlehandedly set out to be a channel through which the average African could become part of the global transformation with the aim of staying connected with trends, business, community, friends and families.

He holds an MBA from the Australian Institute of Business and a graduate Diploma in Public Finance and Accountancy from the Institute of Accountancy Training in Ghana. He also has a deferred EMBA from Assam Don Bosco University – India. He is also an alumni of the Accra Business School.



Emmanuel K.O Larbi (Hon. Ekol) is a Business, Project and...