An introduction

WASK A has been founded by dedicated, highly experienced and motivated partners who have joined forces to form a powerful, global commodities trading house. The managing partners of WASK A bring with them years of business & trading experience across the globe.
We, at WASK A, are result driven and relationship based. This means that you, our client, whether a seller, buyer, mandate or financier are a valued member of our global network.
Together, we will follow simple, clear processes that benefit and protect us, to engage in efficient, reliable communications and deliver targeted results.

Our business focuses on commodities trading in the area of:
– grains, food ,fibre, rice & sugar– precious metals and stones
– oil & gas

In addition, we have a valuable proven trading footprint across a multitude of other commodities.
When you would like to work with us, our way of working starts with
first getting to know you, your business and requirements.
Because we are relationship based, straightforward and long-term.
Once due diligence and non-disclosure is in place, we move
forward with offers and contracts. This ensures business
we conduct together is efficient, swift and thorough.
Because we are result driven, for us and our clients.
Get in touch with us to experience
age old trading in a brand new wayGrains, Food & Fibres, Agriculture.


WASK connects farmers and live stock producers with supply end customers. Sourcing directly from the best agricultural production regions, we trade and distribute to regions in high demand.
We charter large metric tons of dry bulk and with sound global market knowledge and decades of trading experience we deliver to customers worldwide. Our key agricultural commodities include:
From high quality ingredients to delicious packaged meals
We offer a unique, comprehensive service from supplying high quality 100% natural and organic ingredients to manufacturing snacks, entrees, appetizers and desserts, based on your requirements, delivered to your choice of destination.

Gold & Diamonds
Precious Metals & Stones

WASK has decades of experience in sourcing and physical trading of precious metals and stones. We buy and sell Gold and Diamonds in various forms. Our strong and growing network ensures prospective clients have access to the highest quality of products directly from the mines and manufacturers. In precious metals and stones commodities we specialize in:

Our sources of Gold are of the highest quality and purchased directly from mines and manufacturers.
In addition to trading Gold from reliable sources, our quality control processes are stringent to
ensure 100% client satisfaction.

We buy and sell the following:
– Rough diamonds which are Kimberly certified
– Polished diamonds which are GIA graded
– Exclusive diamonds for collectors and investors

WASK is always open to new companies to join our strong portfolio of precious metals and
mining companies. We look forward to getting to know you and hearing about your requirements
so we can successfully work together.

Oil & Gas Energy
WASK has a strong trading history in energy commodities. In addition we enable the sale, purchase and installation of refineries. We manage strategic handling, storage and freight equipment and facilities. Safety and environmental protection is of critical importance to us. In the Energy sector, we specialize in all major oil and gas commodities as well as renewable and sustainable energy:

Innovation Markets
WASK Clean Energy
In recent years, there has been a movement towards renewable and sustainable energy in the
developed world. According to the most recent projections out to the year 2040, the global renewable energy industry will be growing from providing 13% of the power in the year 2011 to 16% in 2040. This is equivalent to 32% of the overall growth during this time period.