WASK Family Foundation - Wask Group

WASK FAMILY FOUNDATION: Giving back to the society has always been a thrust WASK GROUP OF COMPANIES has held in a high esteem; leading to the formation of the WASK Family Foundation, which aims at alleviating poverty and creating a sense of belongingness for the less privileged in our societies.
Volunteers of this foundation collectively donates food, clothes, and money to over 500 people on quarterly basis.

The beneficiaries range widows, widowers, orphans, street children, deaf and dumb.
The soft spot for the less privileged has also led to the establishment of the 10k project; a project to
help young entrepreneurs with great innovative ideas yet challenges in making their dream come true as a start- up because of financial constraints.
As a result of this amazing innovative idea to help give back to the community WASK GROUP OF COMPANIES was bestowed the Innovator Award 2013 at KNUST during the Vice chancellor’s award, also spearheaded the United States Peace Corps Stars Project in Kumasi.


WASK GROUP OF COMPANIES attained an Entrepreneurship award at the IPMATIC African Awards
2014; and for creating a network marketing for the youth, the company was awarded the Best
Network Marketing company of the year 2018 during the Humanitarian and Business awards, which
was held by Gymped.
Through the WASK Health Services, WASK FAMILY FOUNDATION organizes hepatitis B campaign
(screening and vaccination) in various institutions for the less privileged to have equal access to better
health care too.. This act of love and kindness has vaccinated over 1,000 people against Hepatitis B;
Supply of hospital equipment and materials; Pharmaceutical production unit and sale of detox tea and
other organic products.
Donating to the causes you care about not only benefits the charities themselves, it can be deeply
rewarding to see the smiles and happiness being bestowed on others can be extremely rewarding too.
Millions of people give to charity on a regular basis to support the causes they believe in, as well as
for the positive effect it has on their own lives and that is why it is the mission of WASK FAMILY
FOUNDATION to keep giving and uplift the people always.