WASK Health Services - Wask Group

With the rapidly emerging technologies in one place: the health sector; this concentration of
resources ushered in the role of hospitals as the hub of all health-related activity in the nation.
Health refers to a state of complete emotional and physical well-being. Health care exists to help
people maintain this optimal state of health. Therefore good health is central to handling stress and
living a longer, more active life.
With WASK health Services, we practice an effective method of modern health services and care
with good ultra modern equipment, and also qualified health practitioners who gives best of services
to patient.
All health Practitioners, have the health of the citizens at heart, thereby setting up WASK Health
Services, a Medical Equipment and Pharmaceutical product lines company. WASK Health Services
uses the company to organize hepatitis B campaigns (screening and vaccination) in various
institutions. This subsidiary has vaccinated over 1,000 people against Hepatitis B, supplied hospital
equipment and materials, pharmaceutical production unit and sale of detox tea and other organic

WASK Health Services has a state-of-the art hospital in Accra, Ghana. The project aims at promoting
the health and well- being of the local population by providing accessible, high-quality medical care
for people of all ages as well as providing services that will exceed the expectations of our patients,
resulting in a successful and profitable business in Accra.
The medical center is located on the main Spintex road, one of the busiest roads in Ghana. Spintex is
a central business hub with thousands of companies and people living but without a comprehensive
health facility to cater to their main health needs.

WASK Health Services is to provide and prudently manage comprehensive and accessible health
service with special emphasis on primary health care at Ghana regional, district and sub-district
levels in accordance with approved national policies.
• Develop appropriate strategies and set technical guidelines to help achieve Ghana national
policy goals/objectives.
• Undertake management and administration of the overall Ghana health resources within the
• Promote healthy mode of living and good health habits by people in Ghana.
• Establish effective mechanism for disease surveillance, prevention and control in Ghana.
• Provide in-service training and continuing education in Ghana.
• Perform any other functions relevant to the promotion, protection and restoration of the
health of the citizens in Ghana.
The objects of the Service are to:
• Implement approved national policies for health delivery in Ghana.
• Increase access to good quality health services, and
• Manage prudently resources available for the provision of the health services.